Ein Forschungsprojekt des Institutes für Pflegewissenschaft - Universität Basel

Sustainable Improvement of INTERprofessional
care for better resident outcomes: SCAling up an
Evidence-based care model for Residential
Long-Term Care Facilities (INTERSCALE)

University of Basel



INTERCARE is an interprofessional nurse-led care model developed specifically for long-term care facilities in Switzerland that successfully reduces unplanned transfers. INTERCARE was developed as part of the research project of the same name from 2017 – 2021 and supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation under NPF 74, the Nursing Science Foundation and the Ebnet Foundation.

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National reports

First national report: The development and content of the INTERCARE model.

Second national report: Implementation and evaluation of the INTERCARE model.


INTERSCALE is a research project funded by the Nursing Science Foundation and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), which aims to conduct a scale-up of the nurse-led care model INTERCARE. It will examine whether a set of less resource-intensive implementation strategies compared to those developed for the INTERCARE model are able to support the implementation of INTERCARE to achieve an equally successful reduction in unplanned hospital transfers and a sustained implementation of INTERCARE. The cost-effectiveness of implementation strategies will also be assessed.

For this purpose, the INTERCARE model will be adapted and updated on the basis of the experiences from INTERCARE and simultaneously a lighter set of implementation strategies will be developed.

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Certificate of Advanced Studies “INTERCARE – Enhancing clincial expertise in geriatrics”.

1.5-year part-time course for nurses.

Next start is planned in the context of the implementation of the INTERSCALE study, please contact the program administration (here) if you are interested in the CAS.